nohup question...

nohup question...

Post by Q Modna » Fri, 04 Jun 1999 04:00:00

> Is it possible to open and close (just to change the date of a file) a file in a backgroundproces ?
> (with :   nohup script ?)
> (I want every couple of hours a file to be re-dated, but don't feel like open and close it everytime...)

I'm not sure what you mean by a nohup script. nohup allows you to run programs
even after you've logged out. So all you'll probably need is a script which


        # set filename to the current time
        touch filename

        #wait for 2 hours
        # Note check format of sleep on your system as it could differ
        sleep 3600
        goto start

where filename is the file you want to re-date. So if the script above is
called then you could probably go
        nohup ./
Don't forget to chmod +x the script.


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I wish to use nohup to generate a numerical database. So nohup is the
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When I logout and login again to check, myprogram is not running

Any one had similiar experience? It seems that nohup is not working as

Jinsong Zhao

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