Job Control on SGI 3130

Job Control on SGI 3130

Post by Michael Coh » Mon, 02 Jul 1990 17:11:00

We would like to write a program which enables us to suspend a job
like under 4.2BSD Cshell ^Z for the silicon graphics Iris 3130.
for remote terminals.  Mex supplied for the workstation does
the job for the main workstation.  It must be possible to do
this for arbitrary terminals.  Any pointers to how this can
be done would be appreciated.

1. Wierd bug in Interaction of Emacs with SGI 3130

We encountered a strange problem in running GNU on our 3130.
If certain users in arbitrary directory did a M-X compile,
followed by a make -k, or a M-X shell.  The entire computer
system hung.  We have 32MB swap space for our 170MB disk.
I tracked the problem down with the emacs-debugger to
a call to the function start_process.  The problem was
wierd because of its user specificity some users saw it
independent of logon time.  Our fix was to reload the operating
system from cartridge tape which reloaded the root file system.
FSCK detected no serious or other anomalies.  Any ideas how
to track such a problem down

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