Disk Throughput Capacity Measures

Disk Throughput Capacity Measures

Post by Alan J. Gan » Sat, 09 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Background information:

-I am running HPUX on an HP9000 Series 800 H70.
-I have 4 Fast and Wide SCSI Disk Arrays,
 model C2430A,set for RAID5
-I am running an Oracle database.


How do I determine the capacity of THROUGHPUT an
individual array is running at, with the unix
commands and utilities that came with the box?

Are there commands for determining the same for
a SCSI controller?

I need this information to make recommendations
for expansion.




Disk Throughput Capacity Measures

Post by fs » Mon, 11 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Quote:>Background information:

Hi :

        I am new in UNix environemnt.  I just start to work in a company
This company has some computer called HP.  What is it ? and What is
the different bwetten Sun OS??




1. Measuring disk throughput

I suspect disk bottlenecks on my E450 system (internal SCSI disks).
virtual_adrian.se from the SE toolkit keeps on screaming "Move load from
busy disks to idle disks".

I want to conclusively prove that my disks need to be upgraded, move to
RAID, etc.

How do I go about measuring disk throughput, etc? I know that a few disks
are "going slow" on me using the traditional iostat, sar, etc tools. Is it
possible for a disk to degrade over time? I thought that a disk either
works at its rated throughput or stops working. No in-between. But I can
almost swear I am seeing my disks slow down.


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