Problem about SUN Sparc running OS 4.1

Problem about SUN Sparc running OS 4.1

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  We have a Sparc Station running OS 4.1.  It is up for a long time,
but suddently we can't rlogin and do anything on that machine.  
The error message is like this : call to undefined procedure __flsbuf from 0x6184

  Does anyone have any ideas about this kind of error ?  Thanks a lot.

--     Tommy Hsieh
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1. HELP: Reinstalling Sun OS after running Redhat SPARC Linux

Hello everyone,

this may be an FAQ, but I haven't found the answer:

I have a problem with a Sparstation 2 I have and need help solving it. The
machine itself is a Sparstation 2 (Sun 4 / 75, it would appear) with 64 MByte
RAM and a Seagate ST12400N disk.

I had SunOS running on this system quite happily. Then I had to try SPARC
Linux, so I installed Redhat SPARC Linux on the system. This also ran quite

After finishing the tests I had to perform, I wanted my SunOS back, so I de-
installed SILO as mentioned in the documentation (dd, etc), booted the
SunOS installation CD for SunOS 4.1.3_U1, repartitioned the disk according to my
needs and tried to install. The miniroot was copied to disk and the system
rebooted. On reboot, however, the startup ended after loading the kernel with
the short (and cut off) message:

The file just loaded Type 'go' to continue... (etc.)

Hmmm, I thought. Maybe I should format the disk. So that's exactly what I did.
I booted from the installation CDROM, exited into the miniroot shell, hacked
format.dat with the Format-entry for ST12400 and formatted the disk. The I
tried partitioning and installing again, with the same sad result.

At this point I gave up on SunOS and gave Solaris 2.5.1 a try. This system
installed without a hitch, striping the disk as configured and creating file
systems and so on and so forth.

This is looking good, I thought, until the automatic post-install
reboot occurred and failed with some message such as 'kernel/misc/krtld not
found...' Booting from the CDROM and mounting the file systems worked just
fine, though.

So, do I need to make certain changes in the boot eeprom? Must I low-level
format the disk? (If so, how is this done?) What else can I try?

Thanx in advance for any useful hint.

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