feeding rn a file of commands

feeding rn a file of commands

Post by Homer Wilson Smi » Mon, 04 Apr 1994 16:48:34

     I would like some help building a short cron job to help me
automatically archive the articles of a news group.  I am not well
versed in unix, but I can understand anything you tell me.

     Please use csh if possible.  I am really ignorant of the rest.

     The articles are stored as usual in a given path, each article
name is the article number in the directory with the newsgroup name.

     Every night at 1:00am I want the machine to copy only those
articles of the previous day over to my home directory or directory of
choice.  Each day that goes by should collect the previous days
articles in the same directory.

     The problem is how to copy ONLY those articles of the previous
day to the new directoy.  

     (periodically I will collect them into a big file and store
them on an ftp site, erasing them from the saved directory.)

     Answers by private e-mail are fine.  Thanks for your attention
and help.



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