vfork and file-descriptors

vfork and file-descriptors

Post by Sowmini Varadh » Wed, 10 Apr 1996 04:00:00


What happens to file-descriptors across a vfork? Am I correct in
assuming that since the file-descriptor is part of the Process Table,
it will continue to be duplicated (as in fork), even though the
parent and child executed in the same address space? Or should I
perform the dup myself?

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I have a trivial script which tails multiple files by
spawning a 'tail' process for each file and duping the
output into one file descriptor which is then tailed:

  for f in $*; do
        tail -1f $f >&3 &

  exec <&3
  tail -f

This works fine under Sun ksh, but I've just tried to run
it now with Bash under Linux 2.4.16, only to have each
command using file descriptor 3 fail with a

  'Bad file descriptor'


This has caught me completely unawares.  The bash manpage
says that

  "If the digits in word do not specify a file descriptor open
  for output, a redirection error occurs"

How do I open file descriptor 3 for output?  Or, if I do
something like

  tail -1f file > /dev/null &

how can I find out what file descriptor is opened so I can
direct the output of further tail commands to the same
descriptor?  What's the magic that bash needs to be able to
do something like this?

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