Latin/Euro ISO8859-1 character keyboard input in X11 ?

Latin/Euro ISO8859-1 character keyboard input in X11 ?

Post by Steve Vicker » Mon, 07 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Latin ISO8859-1 character keyboard input in X11

Has any one got, or know where I can find (e.g. web address),
information on inputing ISO8859-1 characters (accented characters) on
keyboards without the characters.

I know some ,
 for example on Sun  COMPOSE " a  will give you the German  ?
but I do not have a full list for SunOS or HPUX

I am also be interested for IRIX and DEC Unix machines. All West
European lanaguages.


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Steven Vickers


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Hi !


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-- snip --

-- snip --

AFAIK does ISO8859-15 already contains "support" for the Euro



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