Deleting special files

Deleting special files

Post by manfred.leop.. » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 17:14:19

Hi together,

sorry, but I'm perhaps a little bit st...

Will delete files in a special folderstructure. Files must be selectet
a) either not older than 24 hours (1 day) or all
b) files of all subdirs should be deleted - or even only the special

PPath will be the variable for the selected path, can be set by
variables etc.
PP1 will be the time-argument (1 or 0) as older 24 hours or all

this will be done mostly with
find $PPath -ctime $PP1 -exec -rm -i {}\;

as far as I know.
But this will delete all files from special path beginning and all
subdirectories too.
What can stop it, to delete only the special directory, and not the

Thanks for answer.



1. How to delete special files on msdos partition?

I found that I can't delete special (i.e. hidden/system/readonly)
files on a mounted msdos partition, even as root.  I tried to
change the permissions with chmod, but that didn't help either.
Am I overlooking something obvious?

Thanks a lot,

PS: It's Debian-Linux 1.2.4 on a PC-based machine.
 Andy Spiegl, PhD Student, Technical University, Muenchen, Germany


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