stuff for SCO sys V/386

stuff for SCO sys V/386

Post by B. Scott Mil » Sat, 24 Aug 1991 17:11:48

I am in the process of setting up my first unix system and it is a 386 running
SCO sys V.  I know that there is bound to be tons of free software out there
that will be very usefull for me.  I have several questions;

1)  Is there anything neat out there that is just considered a must have?

2)  I need an editor!  I am not sure that I need all the power of EMACS but I
need something.  Whats a good choice?  userfreindly would be nice. I am
accustomed to using EVE on out vax.vms system.

3)  How difficult is it to get X11r4 running on a 386 running SCO sys V?

4)  What are the good FTP sites for unix sources?

I know these may seem like simple questions but I am new to unix.  I am a
CP6/VMS user and until now my unix exposure has been purely coincidental and
unix is perhaps the most non-trivial operating system I have ever seen.  I love

Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Direct email replies will be even more

Thanks in advance,

B. Scott Mills                                                Apple // Forever
Programmer, Stephen F. Austin State University



1. FS: SCO UNIX Sys V/386 Dev. Sys Release 3.2

SCO UNIX System V/386 Development System, with all manuals, media,
registration cards and activation keys. This is Release 3.2.2,
designed to be installed on Version 2.0 of the SCO UNIX System V/386
Release 3.2 Operating System. Date on Registration card 05/07/91.

All manuals are still shrinkwrapped and the volumes are:
* C Language Guide
* Library Guide
* Programmer's Guide
* Programmer's Reference
* Device Driver Writer's Guide
* Developer's Guide
* CodeView/MASM
* ISAM User's Reference
* Product Engineering Toolkit Guide

Media appears to be 5.25" only. 2 pink unfilled registration cards with
attached activation keys are included. Release notes and license agreement
are also present. Package appears to be complete.

Asking $49 + sh. (bulky because of the documentation)
Prepay only. US buyers only please.

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