Performance Monitoring Tools??

Performance Monitoring Tools??

Post by wadel.. » Thu, 22 Sep 1994 04:12:09

Are there any performance monitoring tools similar to VMS SPM available for


Jim Wadell  BP Oil


1. Performance Monitoring Tools in Heterogenious environs

I am investigating packages to perform system monitoring and fault detection
in a heterogenius Unix environment. I am looking to monitor SunOs 4.1.3,
Solaris 2.X, and HP/UX systems. I am currently looking at the features
of the following packages:

HP Perfview, Aim Sharpshooter, Compuware Ecosystems, Patrol,
Teamquest Baseline, & Instrumental Perfalert.

I am wondering if anyone has benchmarked/implemented any of these systems.
If so, I would really like to hear your thoughts or talk about your experiences
with them.

Thanks much-
Mat Atkins
Staff Technologist - Engineering Computer Services
Cisco Systems

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