Transport Layer Interface (TLI) programming in UNIX System V

Transport Layer Interface (TLI) programming in UNIX System V

Post by Makarand Gokha » Sat, 22 Jun 1991 01:17:49


I recently read about Transport Layer Interface (TLI) available in UNIX
System V. It is expected to offer medium as well as protocol independence.

After reading thru the Network Programmer's Guide I tried to write a simple
client server program based on TLI. I was unsuccessful in running it.
The UNIX System V Network Programmer's Guide explains TLI very well, but
unfortunately does not provide enough information on how to write programs,
what are the requirements, what information is necessary to write a network

Could someone suggest some good reading material, or papers which give
details on how to write programs in TLI that work.

I would appreciate it if someone could send me a simpel client server program
that I can write and execute.

Also answers to following questions will be very helpful.

1. What are the preparations necessary before I can use TLI.

2. Do I need special device files ( I was trying to use /dev/tcp ).

3. What are the address format for using these device files. ( I kept
   getting bad address format for /dev/tcp on t_connect ).

4. Are there any restrictions ?

I am used to TCP/IP Socket based interprocess communication, and I tried using
the address format returned by gethostbyname().  THIS DOES NOT WORK .

Does this TLI stuff really work?

please post or E-mail me.

Thanks in advance.

Makarand Gokhale

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