Looking for info-ultrix/info-dec-unix or similar ...

Looking for info-ultrix/info-dec-unix or similar ...

Post by MACALL.. » Tue, 29 Jan 1991 23:47:43

Is there a discussion list for Ultrix? I know this question has been asked
 before but I cannot find a positive reply amongst my mail.
Is info-unix the only suitable list?
Perhaps there's a list info-ultrix or info-dec-unix?

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1. Looking for DEC 2100/3100 pmax info

I am trying to resurrect an old DEC 2100 box with a 3100 board, VR292
mono monitor, and a box of 100 meg scsi RZ-23 drives.  I noticed in the
NetBSD archives, a DS3100.ps document that covers some of the hardware
specifics.  Does anyone have any other pointers to any ps documentation
or things worth noting about these machines?  I have zilch docs to work
with on these, and probably need to find out common things like drive
jumpering, booting procedures, diagnostics, etc.  NBSD 1.3.1 seems to
be up on the thing.  Anyone have any leftover manuals for the 2100/3100
machines?  In upgrading to 1.3.2 by the overlay tarball procedure, are
there any gotchas that I need to be aware of other than the --unlink, or,
would it be wiser to hook up a third drive and dd it up from scratch?


Bob Keys

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