UFS filesystem as root on UHC SVR4

UFS filesystem as root on UHC SVR4

Post by Doug Ans » Wed, 31 Jul 1991 23:38:46

Hello netters!

Has anyone tried running UHC SVR4 with a root partition whose file system
type is UFS instead of S5?  The manual does not recommend this. However,
I would like to know if anyone has tried it.

doug anson

Univ of Del.


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I have added an IDE disk to my system and put linux on it.
Up until now the sytem has been running a SCSI based SVR4.  I have 2 SVR4
scsi disks.

After rebuilding the kernel with system V filesystem support I get an error
indicating that I have an unsupported file system when mounting the sysv
disks.  Fdisk indicates that the partions are labeled as "GNU_HURD".
I have also added ufs (readonly) support.

The disks have a perfectly good SVR4 filesystem which has functioned under
unix for years.  SVR4 supports both s5 and ufs, which they call the
Berkeley Fast File System.  I believe these disks were configured with

Does linux support this ufs?  Do I need to reconfigure the partiton table
with fdisk to satisfy linux?  Would this reconfiguration confuse SVR4?

Thanks for any advice.
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