Unix help

Unix help

Post by Marc VanHeyninge » Sun, 07 Jun 1992 01:15:19

>Hi everybody !

>Colleague of mine is playing game on me by executing various Unix command
>on my screen ( my terminal). He can use various lock programs to lock my
>screen or displaying different images on my screen. Does anyone knows what command
>he is using and how can prevent him from doing so or can do anything at all.
>I appreciate your help.


[copied to comp.unix.questions with followups set there, since this
isn't really a shell issue.]

You don't really say much about your configuration.  What is it?  I
assume from the newsgroup you're running some flavor of UNIX, and since
you talk about lock programs and images, I'm guessing you might be
talking about X.  Is this so?  What kind of workstation/terminal/etc?
What's the phase of the moon?

not found.)

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Dear Friend

I am currently looking to purchase a Help Desk Application for a SCO
UNIX Open Server 3.1 System.  I basically am trying to organize my
efforts and deal with my customers so as not to drop the proverbial
ball.  I need to have customizable screens, text based application with
SQL access, a real plus would a migration path to Microsoft NT in the
future.  If you know of a product such as this please send an email to

                                THANKS  ;)

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