dump (BSD) for SYSV?

dump (BSD) for SYSV?

Post by Dieter Woe » Sun, 26 Sep 1993 06:08:10


I like to know, if the dump program from BSD is available for SYSV or
what may be the problem to port it.
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1. What's the difference between SYSV and BSD?

   Hi news readers:

        I have a question. I hope I can get your help. Well, I know that there's
   a lot of differeces between BSD unix and SYSV unix. But it seems that I can
   not find out what exactly the differences are. All I can see are that some
   commands and function calls are different from the other and maybe the
   networking method is different ( one is using socket and the other streams).
   But what else are they behave differetly? Which one is the better choice?
   I know that there are a lot of versions in BSD as well as in SYSV. Maybe I
   should limit the versions to BSD 4.2, 4.3 and SYSV 3.2, 4.0. So, can anyone
   mail me or post on news about this issue. I will summarize them and post
   it back to the newsgroup.    Thanks in advance.

                                                        Joe Wang


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