System Login Sequence of Events?

System Login Sequence of Events?

Post by Suzanne Cornwa » Thu, 22 Dec 1994 01:15:27

First, thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

What I'm looking for is the sequence of events followed when logging into a
SparcStation 20 running SunOS 4.1.3, in one of two scenarios:

   a)  log in from the system keyboard itself ('tty = '/dev/console'),
which in our current setup gets me up under the OpenWin window manager.

   b)  log in from a Tektronix X-terminal, which currently gets me up
under the Quest Motif window manager.

** The Questions for which I seek answers:

1.  Where in the login sequence of events is the decision being made as
to which window manager will be executed?

2.  What program(s) and/or shell script(s) are involved in the sequence?

3.  Are there any clearly documented references where the sequence is
outlined and explained (yes, I know, I can see everyone rolling around on
the floor laughing.... :-)  )?

4.  When the X-window manager for Quest is initializing, does anyone know
the files it uses to determine its setup?  I haven't found any clear
references yet...

Please respond by e-mail to the address below.  Again, thanks in advance
for any help.                          -Jim Cornwall-


***     (Sue's spousal unit, experienced mainframer, neophyte Unixer,  ***
***      and tasked by the USAF to support both...)                    ***


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I have Redhat 7.2 installed and in order to track down a logon error
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Specifically, I believe I have a mis-configured network setup, but without
knowing which files get referenced during the logon initialization, it is
difficult to isolate the problem.

Any assistance or advice is greatly appreciated.


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