connect a pc and a sgi

connect a pc and a sgi

Post by BERTRAND GILLE » Fri, 27 Mar 1998 04:00:00


I have to connect a SGI 02 with my PC under nt4/95

Is there a way by a cable ? A serial one by example ?

Which software do I need ?

Would it be simpler by the net ?

The files to transfer are quite large : 0.5 / 2 Mbytes

Thanks for your help, I'm in big trouble !!!!

Bertrand GILLET


connect a pc and a sgi

Post by Dan Strombe » Fri, 27 Mar 1998 04:00:00

>I have to connect a SGI 02 with my PC under nt4/95
>Is there a way by a cable ? A serial one by example ?
>Which software do I need ?
>Would it be simpler by the net ?


You should be able to do this pretty easily.  (I just connected one to a
mac, and the principles are the same.)

Yes, get a serial cable and connect it to serial port 1 of the O2 and
presumably to any serial port on the PC.  I believe the cable you're
looking for is DB9-DB9, but I'm not positive.  Serial port 1 on an SGI is
the machine's "alternate console" port.  Then, you just need any sort of
terminal (modem) program on the PC.  Make sure it's set to 9600 baud,
N-8-1.  If you have trouble connecting, try turning the O2 off, starting up
the terminal program on the PC, and *then* turning the SGI on.

Hope this helps,


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