Wanted - additional tutorials & documentation on Lex & Yacc

Wanted - additional tutorials & documentation on Lex & Yacc

Post by Mike Winte » Thu, 27 Oct 1994 09:57:30

Besides the standard Nutshell Lex & Yacc book which we have and the Dragon
Compiler book (which I have myself), a programmer at my shop needs more
information on Lex & Yacc.  She is using it to write some reverse engineering
tools for Oracle SQL*Plus.  The O'Reilly book has some good examples on
SQL parsing, but we would like more information on the "guts" of Lex &
Yac and how to use it.  Of course, examining the source to Lex & Yacc is
useful, but it would be great to find out some books, articles etc... that
anyone has found useful on Lex & Yacc.  We are working with a SGI Indy
Unix box.  Thanks for any recommendations.

------- Michael Winters                Peace Corps


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I saw an ad on 'MKS LEX & YACC' which includes 'YACC Tracker',
has anyone out there any comment on it?


Johan Hogberg, Software Design Support and Methods
Ericsson Telecom AB, Karlstad, Sweden


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