Telnet for WINDOWS/MAC

Telnet for WINDOWS/MAC

Post by Part » Wed, 10 Nov 1993 23:21:52

> I heard that there is a program from Brigham Young University (NCSA Telnet)
> that would allow me to hook up to a UNIX machine through an IP address.
> (BTW..what does that mean?).  How can I get it?

Telnet means: you use your computer (for instance, your PC) as an
input-output terminal for another computer (for instance, a Unix box).
If you connect your PC to the Internet (which includes giving it a
so-called IP address which is unique in all the world) and install
NCSA telnet on it and configure it correctly, then you can type
on your PC, and the Unix host will ask you for your username and
password and you can login there. When you exit the Unix session,
you are back on DOS and can work locally on your PC again...

Thats it.


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