Some Makefile stuff

Some Makefile stuff

Post by David Lju » Fri, 01 Oct 1993 22:02:50

Two questions..

First off, I have noticed that a lot of big projects allow the user
to pick a malloc(), for example:
# Chose one of these mallocs:
# Gnu malloc, fastest but uses most memory.
etc.. etc..

but then they use malloc() in the actual code, not something like
mymalloc() which is then #defined to the proper malloc..  even so,
most of the malloc packages I have seen (like gnumalloc) have the
malloc function in them, not something else (like gmalloc()) so
how do I keep from getting the compiler errors about redefining

Secondly, how can I redefine a default inference rule in a makefile
to have extra dependencies, for example, from:
        $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c $<

.c.o:   config.h
        $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c $<

So if I change the config.h file, all the .c files need to be recompiled.

Any ideas?  Please email me..  I don't do 'rn'  :)


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1. please help me on Makefile stuff

hi all,
      I have this following Makefile, but I don't know how it is wrong. Ever
time I run this file, there will be an error like " no rule to make
' form,${title},${author},${year},${cat}.html ' "
      I make the suspicious part by putting the asterisk symbol (*) in front
of the line. So don't mention the * symbol, it's not really in the script.
include ../Makefile.env

* OUTPUT=form,${title},${author},${year},${cat}.html

 * all: ${OUTPUT}
*    rm -f $(OUTPUT)
*    make $(OUTPUT)
*    ln -s form,${title},${author},${year},${cat}.html Result.${PID}.html

* $(OUTPUT) :
 export JAVA=${JAVA}; \
 ${STM} -q ${ROOT}/ -objnames -DSTRUDELTMP=${STRUDELTMP} \
 -fun form title="${title}" author="${author}" year="${year}" cat="${cat}" \
 -cgi http://${CGI} \
 -sdir ${ROOT}/htmloutput -tdir ${ROOT}/htmltemplates \
 -p ${ROOT}/htmltemplates/pages.txt;)

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