Getting docs.....

Getting docs.....

Post by L9.. » Sun, 26 May 1991 14:26:49

Objective : To become UNIX guru by the end of this year.

My Background :
     1)  Lives mostly on VM/CMS.  Not much programing.  Just reads netnews
     2)  Fluent in C and Rexx.  Programs mostly on amiga500 but nothing
         machine specific.
     3)  The top of the class CSC student.
     4)  I am not new to computers in general, but certainly a "pre-novice"
         UNIX user.

The Systam :
     Sun SLC( LSC? LSD? CLS? not sure which.... ) with a postscript laser
     printer.  BW monitor.  It's the one which can play sampled sound.

Obstacles :
     1)  Another UNIX guru who might be able to help me gain the status
         does not exists. ( Our UNIX lab opened this semester. )

     2)  I am very good at self-teaching.  So all I have to do is to read
         proper docs.  Unfortunately, I do not have moolas to buy anything.
         When I have some money, I have to fill my belly first. :-(
         Buying any docs is out of question.

Possible Solutions :

     1)  Print the man pages.  This site manager do not mind.  but when
         I print the man using lpr <manpage-filename>, it prints something
         but it's very confusing.  How can I print the man pages properly?
         I would like to see bold and italics and what-not, but anything
         readyly readable will do.

     2)  Is there any ftp-site where I can get some docs?  I want some
         stuffs on vi, shells, awk, pearl, standard unix cmds.  I will
         also need docs on X11, open-look, and other stuffs ( ? ) later.

     3)  By any chance, is there any place where they give away docs for
         free?   ( Wishful thinking, I suppose.... )
From Internet :
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