shl on console hangs on console message

shl on console hangs on console message

Post by Bruce Momji » Wed, 20 May 1992 23:52:20

When running shl on the console, if a console message appears, like
"Uugetty respawning too rapidly", it puts the terminal in a state where
whatever I type is echoed, but nothing is recognized, and ^Z does not do
anything.  I have to go to another terminal and kill the shl process.

Does anyone know why this happens?  It is probably one of those internal
things that can't be corrected.

I am writing a shl clone that exhibits the same behavior.

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shl on console hangs on console message

Post by Bruce Momji » Thu, 21 May 1992 05:57:40


I have found that typing:

        echo hello >/dev/console

returns immediately and sends nothing to the console screen during
normal shl operation.  After a console warning message appears, an echo
to the console from another tty does appear on the screen.  It is as
though the console device is hybernating during shl operation, but takes
control during console messages and doesn't give control back.

I hope this might help someone figure out how I might avoid this in my
shl clone.
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