recvfrom on HP-UX 11.

recvfrom on HP-UX 11.

Post by Pil Ok L » Thu, 17 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I already wrote this article on the comp.sys.hp-ux(?)..
But there's noone answer me..I post again..
Sorry about that.

We're migrating from HPUX10.20 to HPUX 11.0.
But I got trouble to install our UDP server process on HPUX 11.0.

The program was okay on the hPUX10.20 which used 'recvfrom' function
To get the request message and the requester's ipaddress, portno...

But after porting it on the HPUX 11.0
it does not work...
The problem i got is... recvfrom function doesnot return the
sender's ip address, at all.
(I'm not sure if I made some mistakes..)

Is there anyone who have had this same problem with me?

Please help me...

Thanks in advance.



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