Shell Comparison

Shell Comparison

Post by MANDRAGOR » Wed, 21 Sep 1994 11:45:59

I recently got a new account and have the option of having any unix shell
installed.  Unfortunately I know little ofe differences.  I have read the AQ
but it didn't tell me much, and the file it said to ftp was for shell
programmers.  I am familiar with csh and a little bit of bash.  Could anyone
suggest anything from a user stand point as opposed to a shell programmers
view?  Please respond via e-mail if possible.
        Thanks in advance.

                                                Jeff Barrett


1. Is the current shell comparison faq still accurate?

I notice at
that the Shell Differences FAQ hasn't changed in 4 years.  Has today's
Unix shell changed in any way to reflect a need to update this document?

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