Anyone have a spare Coherent the don't need anymore?

Anyone have a spare Coherent the don't need anymore?

Post by User Rdkeys Robert D. Key » Sat, 08 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I am looking for a spare Coherent version 4.2.10 or 4.2.12.  Anyone
have a set sitting around unused?


Bob Keys


1. Anyone not using sunos411 anymore have a spare boot tape set for sun4?

Some of us still have the old vme monsters running as a basement toy.
Alas, I am having great trouble finding suitable boot tapes for my toy.
My sunos 4.1 tapes I have are finally unreadable on the old 4/260 crate,
so I am sort of dead in the water trying to get the machine going again.
Anyone in modern Solaris-land have a spare set of sun4 (4/260 class)
sunos boot tapes that they don't need anymore?  I would be muchly
interested.  (sunos 4.1 through 4.1.3(?) would be of interest, as
long as they are for the plain old sun4 architecture).


Bob Keys

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