fetchpop for solaris

fetchpop for solaris

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All the fetchpop I found on the web are for linux. Is there a version
for solaris?

besides, where is the home page for fetchpop? This one is not:


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1. fetchpop 1.9: Error getting LASt status of read mail

I recently installed  fetchpop-1.9-2.i386.rpm on my RedHat 5.2 system.

Installation was a breeze. I checked the $HOME/.fetchhost file that was
produced, and it contains the correct entry for my ISP's mail server.

Running fetchpop in the foreground, either with an "-r" option or no option
at all, results in the following:

fetchpop 1.9pl1 release, by Seung-Hong Oh.
using mailbox folder /var/spool/mail/root
[-Error-] Getting status of LAST read mail. Disconnecting from the pop

As well, checking $? indicates a return code of  6.

My fetchpop version is:

FETCHPOP Version and Compile-time Configuration Information:

        fetchpop 1.9pl1 release, Jun 1996
        Copyrigt (c) 1996 Seung-Hong Oh
         Default deliver: Direct modifying mailbox
         MDA (-m flag) support: Use /usr/lib/sendmail
         Procmail(-p flag) support: Use /usr/bin/formail
         Mail spool directory: /var/spool/mail
         Log file: Show From and Subject lines.
                   Logging only when there is new mail.
         Minimum sleep second: 300

I checked its "man" page; it mentions using the "-r" for pop servers which
do not recognize the "LAST" or "QUIT" command. Unfortunately, as mentioned
above, this does not work either.

I, additionally, ran fetchpop as a daemon; same error as above was returned
in the log file.

I know my ISP runs MS Windows NT, and, most likely, MS Exchange.

I am at at a loss as to what to do; the documentation I have offers no
solution. Has anyone experienced such problems ? Can anyone offer a
suggestion or solution ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Anthony Borla

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