Tcsh 6.00 on UHC SVR4

Tcsh 6.00 on UHC SVR4

Post by Doug Ans » Fri, 02 Aug 1991 02:18:49

Has anybody successfully compiled tcsh 6.00 on UHC's SVR4 **WITH** job control?
I have tried both POSIX job control and BSD jobcontrol but when I try to
a job (i.e. via <ctrl>Z) my tcsh just hangs (no Stopped or Suspended message
appears).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

doug anson

Univ. of Del.


1. X386 problem with UHC SVR4

Hello netters!

Well, I took the plunge and bought a CompuAdd High-Res SVGA card
with the ET-4000 chipset.  I then brought X386 over and loaded it
up on my UHC SVR4.2 system.  I did however NOT load up the fonts --
I tried using the ones already on disk (i.e. from UHC's X11R4 distribution).
I am also using a Logitech bus mouse (series 9 -- not the MouseMan type)

The server comes up fine EXCEPT for the following three things:
        1.  no characters are printed (i.e. prompt, xterm title, etc)
        2.  I have no mouse pointer on the screen
        3.  I get a TCP_NOLINGER (I cant remember Exactly but I think
                it is TCP_NOLINGER) protocol not supported message
                (I DO have Streams and TCP/IP installed)

In Xconfig, /dev/mouse would cause the server to hang, I proceeded to
        Logitech        /dev/bmse

and the server doesnt hang anymore but I still dont have a mouse.

If anyone knows where I am 'missing the boat' on getting X386 completely
up a running I'd glady name my firstborn.....!!!

Thanks in advance !
doug Anson

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