FAS and xc for SCO ODT 2.0 (sysV 3.2v4)

FAS and xc for SCO ODT 2.0 (sysV 3.2v4)

Post by Yermo Lame » Thu, 06 May 1993 02:55:30

To solve some problems with Zmodem under SCO Unix 3.2v4 (ODT 2.0) it was
suggested to me that I obtain an alternate serial driver called FAS (?).

In addition it was suggested that I get a communications program called
xc. (A newer version of xcmalt?)

Using archie and searching through a few archives by hand I have not
been able to locate either.

If anyone out there could point me to an archive (and to the correct
filenames) where FAS and xc might be found, it would be greatly


Yermo Lamers
University of Maryland
College Park, Md USA