where do i ask a telnet question?

where do i ask a telnet question?

Post by jame » Fri, 13 Jan 1995 18:14:05

>Subject: where do i ask a telnet question?
>Date: Wed, 11 Jan 1995 10:19:51
>I have a problem typing my name when connected to a telnet site.  Where do l
>get help for such a question? Here?


1. Newbie Question: Need DOS TELNET recomendation

Hi, I'm looking for a TELNET program to use on a DOS box. I need WYSE
60 emulation for the program I'll be running. I'd like to use a NE2000
clone card lan hookup instead of serial ports. Has anyone found a good
public domain / shareware program for this? I found a free program
called DOS/Tunix (
http://www.kesoftware.com/kesoft/products/dostunix.html )that did
everything including the DOS/TCP stack, but only provides ANSI & VT100
emulation. Thanks in advance  for any ideas.


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