File Mode and Time Stamp

File Mode and Time Stamp

Post by Norman Wal » Wed, 25 Apr 1990 05:49:51

Hello all,
I have a couple of (hopefully) simple questions.  Could someone please
tell me the meanings of the bits in the file attribute word (for determining
who has what kind of access to the file).  And, could someone please tell
me the format of the timestamp in a TAR file.  Thanks, in advance,

P.S. I don't remember if I got confirmation of my request to join this
list, so could someone please send a reply directly to me...thanks again...


1. Time discrepancy between Linux and DOS time stamps for same file

When I look at the time stamp on a dos file using ls in Linux, it reports
a different time than DOS reports for the same file using dir.

This is for the /dosc partition mounted under Linux as a type msdos partition.

The time differential seems to be about 10 1/2 hours; where Linux thinks the
file is 10 1/2 hours older than the DOS time.

Does anyone know a fix or reason for this?



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