MacBSD on Mac IIvx?

MacBSD on Mac IIvx?

Post by Peter Tilman » Thu, 09 Mar 1995 17:12:46

Can NetBSD for Mac be run on a Mac IIvx?

Where can I FTP the latest version?

Peter Tilmanis


1. MacBSD on IIvx / Performa 600 ?

On our ftp-server ( I found the MacBSD
distribution and some information about it, which seem to be pretty
old (Nov. 94). I read that "it will soon run on a IIvx".
- Does it up to now? If so, where do I get the last
- If it runs on a vx, does it run on a Performa 600 (the only
  difference I know about is the version of the ROM, so if MacBSD
  accesses the hardware directly, there should be no difference)?
- I heared that the only problem on the vx ist the internal video
  "card". Does it run with an additional NuBus video card (if so,
  with all)?
- As MacBSD uses A/UX parttitions, is it possible to access files
  created by A/UX?
Thanx in advance (and excuse me for not readin all documents and may
ask some stupid questions covered in there)
Please reply via e-mail if possible.

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