unix problem

1. Unix problem or switch problem?

I have one big, probably dumb question.  We have an accelar 1200 switch with
7 IP vlans and 1 protocol based vlan.  We are using the 172.16.X subnetted
using mask.  There is an old thicknet network in place with
mostly all unix servers attached to them using addresses of 97.0.0.x.  Our
routing table in the switch is fine - it shows all routes for all vlans.
The one unix box is sometimes dropping connection for no apparent reason.
No other unix box is having problems.  The unix guysreplaced the nic card
and things imporved and we upgraded our switch to aru2 with 1.3.4 software.
The routing is done inside the switch between the 97 and 172 networks.

Does anybody have any clues as to what to look at?

PS Remove the XXX

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