Porting Jove to Silicon Graphics Iris Workstations

Porting Jove to Silicon Graphics Iris Workstations

Post by Jim Fro » Thu, 02 Aug 1990 22:29:00

|I have been trying to bring up Jove Version 4.9 on a Silicon Graphics
|Iris 3020 workstation.  I get a variety of error messages during the
|compilation of jove.c ending with a ***error code 1, and then it
|Has anyone out there ported Jove to Silicon Graphics workstations?
|Any information that you could give me about the problems that you
|encountered (and hopefully solved) would be most welcome.

I tried to port it a couple of months ago (I'm not sure what version)
and was unsuccessful.  Probably most of the problems you're
encountering are System V/BSD differences since jove is a BSD program.
It took me about an hour to resolve the terminal IO differences
between the two.  Unfortunately there was a problem in the jove
implementation of varargs that had me so badly stumped that I gave up
on it; this may not be a problem on the 3000's, I was porting to a 4D
and didn't try to put it on one of our 3000's.

Another thing I remember was that one of the macros was very broken;
there is a difference between the way precedence is handled between
most BSD compilers and most SysV compilers, or at least between the
Sun 3.2 compiler and the SGI compiler I was working with.  It had to
do with indirection in a complex macro; one of the macro parameters
should have been parenthesized.  It worked after I did this (to some

The version of jove I was porting had horrid code; someone has written
and told me that it's been improved.  I can't verify this without
checking the version number of jove that I was using, though.  I'm
sorry I can't be more specific but we don't seem to have a version of
jove sitting on this cluster.

Oh, could someone PLEASE tell me why varargs was completely
reimplemented?  I can understand reimplementing stdio, but VARARGS?

jim frost


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Hello, Silicon Graphics (System V) wizards out there:

How can I make the delete key work properly if I login from
a DEC (Ultrix/VMS/VT100 terminal) device into a Silicon
Graphics computer?  The DELete key doesn't work, so I have
to use ^H instead.  I have tried:

% set term = vt100 (before login)
% setenv TERM vt100 (before login)
% stty erase DEL (after login)

but they don't do the trick.  Is the terminfo file distributed
with the SG machines erroneous??  Should I just add some 'stty'
statement to my 'dot' files, or should the terminfo file be

After I wrote this message, I played a little bit and I found out
that the following solves my problem:

% stty erase \<DEL><RETURN>

Instead of <DEL>, I can press any key and it still works, so my
new question is: how can I include this fix in a .login or .cshrc
(Also, I would like to hear some opinions from terminfo hackers!)
I tried the obvious like:

%stty erase \0177 (I TYPED it, it was not in a script!)

but it doesn't work.


Ramon Herrera

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