Automated FTP commands

Automated FTP commands

Post by Kevin L. Mitchel » Sat, 03 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I need to set up an automated ftp command.  I will probably put the
script in a scheduler to kick off automatically one a week.  Anyway,
I want to send over a bunch of files to my pc,  but,  the problem is
the syntax of logging in.  It has to automatically log onto the server
and send several files.  Does anyone have something like this set up on
their sight?

Appreciate all the help.


1. Automated FTP commands

I need to set up a korn shell script(or any shell script,  for that
matter),  to automatically ftp several files across servers.  The
problems I'm running into is,  Where do I put the login/passwod?  I'm
familiar with ftp'ing from the command line,  so that's not a problem.

Please email me:


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