printing with nroff / tbl

printing with nroff / tbl

Post by Ray A. Jon » Sat, 08 Mar 1997 04:00:00

: Getting frustrated using nroff / tbl without good examples. Is there a
: good source out there with examples ?
Here is an example:

l c


: Is there a special way to set up the HP-5 printer to print the output of
: the nroff/tbl commands ? Plain text comes out ok,  but italics comes out
: underlined and BOLD does not come out at all !

Nroff is for impact printers  and therefore will try to show a
representation of italics as underlined text.  On impact printers, bold is
done by overstricking (5 times by default).  I think the HP-5 is a laser
printer and therefore you should not be using nroff but troff (typesetter
run off). or groff (gnu version of troff).

: Which package is preferable : mm, ms or me ? for generating simple docs
: that contain text with tables.

Basically it is your choice, I use mm for all documentation.

: The man pages for the macro packages state that most of their requests are
: NOT compatible with NROFF's.  Does this imply that I should just stick to
: the macros and not even try to use nroff commands ?

I have been mixing nroff/troff commands with mm macros without a problem.
You may hit some areas of conflect, but soon learn to avoid them.
THings like point size changes accross sections may give you a problem.
That is, changing the point sized, having a section break and the point size
gets reset back to something you didn't want.


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man: warning: can't write in /usr/man/cat.1
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Is there someplace where I can find the source code for these?


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