help with unix mail

help with unix mail

Post by Phillip Bigel » Mon, 17 Apr 1995 04:00:00

 I recently posted a message to a listserver that I belong to.  Everything
went well, except that out of 650 recipients of the mailing list, one
address is "bad".  By "bad" I mean that the message won't go through to the
recipient.  I keep getting my message returned to me from this site.  I use
plain 'ol Unix mail for my mailer.   So far, my returned message has come
back to me 50 times.  It clutters up my mailbox, and is getting annoying.  I
sent e-mail to the postmaster at the remote system (in New Zealand), but I
am wondering if there is some way to stop the infinite looping of my mail
from my end.  Any thoughts?

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 > I am a novice in UNIX. Would any one in this group please tell
 > me how to filter a mail from a person, and then forward it to
 > some email addresses automatically?

Either create a ".forward"-file in the person's HOME-directory
(man forward(5) ), or define the person's name to be an alias for
the new address (man aliases(5) ).



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