local printer problem

local printer problem

Post by Nancy C. Stockto » Tue, 31 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I am new to UnixWare.  Have set up brand new box to replace box running
SVR4.  Have all networked printers working on new box.  Temporarily had
local printer working in test area (prior to getting networked printers

Moved box and installed different local printer.  Have tried setting up
printer with GUI, sysadm, and lpadmin.  All produce same results:  error
stopped for printer fault.  lpstat shows printer enabled and accepting.
what am I missing?

Thanks in advance
Nancy Stockton


1. DHCP client under Sol 2.6, local printer problem

I am running Sol. 2.6 (on an old IPX) on a DHCP network, w/ my
machine configured as a client (boy, was that a chore to work out
how to configure). On bootup the hostname of my machine is set to
and everything works great except I can no longer print to a
laser printer connected to my serial port b (I have no parallel
port). My default printer has hostname "unknown", matching
the DHCP configuration, but when I run lpq I get the following
error message: "could not talk to print service at unknown".
Paradoxically (to me, anyway), it then spits out the jobs
I have queued (which are not printing) as follows:

Rank    Owner   Job     Files                                   Total
1st    kamstra    015  /export/home/kamstra/junk.ps          32098 bytes

Can anyone suggest a fix? Thanks,

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