MS Word to nroff man page

MS Word to nroff man page

Post by Steve Fau » Sun, 31 Jan 1993 08:04:15


I would like to take a Microsoft Word document (text) and
convert it to a nroff man page so I can view it using Xman.
Does someone know of a filter or procedure to do this?

Thanks in advance,



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1. Conversion of TROFF/NROFF documents to MS Word for Windows

I'm looking for some way to convert a bunch of NROFF/TROFF documents to
some more up-to-date format.   MS Word for WIndows can handle a wide
variety of document formats, unfortunately NROFF/TROFF isn't included.

If you can help, please send email.


Duane Morrison

Duane S. Morrison

(206) 865-0843

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