An alternative editor to vi/emacs

An alternative editor to vi/emacs

Post by Dr David Engla » Sat, 21 May 1994 23:19:39

In our short UNIX/C course I'm constantly asked about simpler text editors,
as alternatives to having to learn vi or emacs. Someone here mentioned
the ded editor but I cannot find it in any of the usual archives. Does any
one know of a simple, tty-based editor for UNIX?


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An alternative editor to vi/emacs

Post by Tina Sikors » Sun, 22 May 1994 04:13:19

PICO is fairly easy. I don't know where to get it, though.


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I have set up a restricted shell account to allow users across the
company to edit a specific file. Fortunately this account does not need
any special privileges above being able to write to this file. However
using vi as the editor means that while the user is logged on they can
still load up other files to at least read.

Is there an alternative editor to vi that can be "signalled" to
exclusively edit a file and thus restrict a user to editing that file?
Can vi do this? My reading of the man pages suggested it cannot.

Thanks for your help.


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