Deleted files on IRIX

Deleted files on IRIX

Post by Denise Nikcevic » Sun, 03 Jan 1999 04:00:00

To whoever might be able to help:
Here is the information as I have it from a friend of mine.  Any help in
this matter would be greatly appreciated.  The person who deleted these
files is a novice at UNIX he is a Cancer Researcher who is trying to get
a personal IRIS computer running.  This computer was given to him and he
is trying to learn (it looks like the hard way)  To have extra space
needed for a chemical modeling program from Tripos he decided to delete
a file called unix.ip6.  When he trys to get on his computer it now says
" can't load dksc(0,1,1)/unix and goes to the menu which has
diagnostics, recover, install, and manual.  When he runs Diagnostics it
reads " failure detected in the electronic module (cpu)" When recover is
run it asks you to install a tape "root and swap are on the same
partition.  This is most likely because of a previous installation
failed.  If so, continue the boot into miniroot.  Otherwise the
partition info needs to be corrected."  Do you wish to continue he says
yes then it says unable ot load dksc (0,1,1)unix/ip 6:no file system on
device unable to continue.
This is all I have, he is running IRIX operating system version 5.2
If there is anyone with any suggestions, it would be very much



Deleted files on IRIX

Post by Tobias Richt » Tue, 05 Jan 1999 04:00:00

>  To have extra space
>needed for a chemical modeling program from Tripos he decided to delete
>a file called unix.ip6.  

That was the machine's kernel.

Quote:>When he trys to get on his computer it now says
>" can't load dksc(0,1,1)/unix

Sure, it's gone.

You should invoke software installation (AFAIK needn't be IRIX5.2
can be IRIX5.3, higher versions won't work on that architecture)
and from the inst prompt there do

admin -> shroot

then quit the shrooted shell and inst to reboot the system.



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