Wanted: Project accounting/billing

Wanted: Project accounting/billing

Post by Adam Carls » Sat, 15 Jun 1991 00:51:04

Hi, I've checked archie and most of the comp.sources/comp.archives
indices but can't find what I'm looking for.  I would like to have a
simple time/resource tracking system. (I realize that sounds like a
contradiction in terms.)  When our consultants are working on client
A's project, they type in something like workingon a, and a log file
is produced displaying how much real time and cpu time was spent until
they either say workingon someone_else or logout.  (Perhaps workingon
could also take a brief description which is added to that entry of
the log file.)  It would also be nice to log printer/disk usage, but
not necessary.  We don't really want to bill people with this system,
just get a realistic idea of how our time is spent.  (Maybe someday we
will account for every second of the day and bill for coffee breaks,
like the big law firms, but that's when I quit.)

Any help would be appreciated.

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1. HELP WANTED: Open Source Consultant Programmer wanted for quick project

HELP WANTED: Open Source Consultant Programmer wanted for quick project

We are in need of someone to quickly develop a new web project.

You will need to be an expert on setting up Apache Web Server on a Linux
system and in designing an online data base using Postgresql or MySQL.
HTML required, PHP probably required, Java & Java Script may or may not be

You will be totally responsible for taking this rough idea and implementing
a working, fully scalable website.

Initial design will be two load shared Linux boxes running Apache on the
front end and one Linux box running Postgresql or MySQL on the back end.

The site will be co-located at a broadband ISP's facility so complete remote
admin will be required, including a daily data dump from the web server to
the admin system.

This is not a giant bucks project right now, but it could turn in to one.

We are located in central Florida and would prefer someone in this area but
it is not an absolute requirement.

All code will be our property meaning we can not pay for code to be
developed and licensed to us.

Development cycle is 8 to 12 weeks, so you need to know your stuff. No time
for learning curve on this one.

This is a very interesting project.

If you are a serious candidate with the required skill set, please send your


PS, If you are a shop and your rates are salary + overhead + margin you are
probably not what we are looking for.

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