serial connection to HP9000

serial connection to HP9000

Post by Ted Volokhons » Thu, 03 Mar 1994 13:39:02

Would anybody give me an advice on configuring a serial port on HP9000 (marked
Modem)? You may have some experience beyond the manual: the problem is that part
of the input data is scipped as read is performed on the file opened on said
port. In effect there are several bytes only that are read during each read no
matter how many came to the serial port.
Thank you.

 * Origin: Dark Knight's Table (1:282/31)


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I'm working on a stack of three Sparc 5 boxes that were set up by a
guy who left the company. Only one of these boxes has a keyboard,
mouse and monitor (kmm) directly connected to it. The other two boxes
have a serial cable running between them.

I thought that there was some way of using the kmm via serial fall
through on these Sparc boxes, but I can't find any info on it. My
trouble is that I need to get down the OK prompt of each box to
perform a jumpstart. Unless the kmm are not connected directly to each
box, I cannot see the OK prompt.

I really don't care to connect/disconnect the kmm for each box if I
don't need to do so. Can anyone offer any suggestions on how I can
accomplish this?


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