Virtual wu-ftpd, BSDI, and anonymous ls

Virtual wu-ftpd, BSDI, and anonymous ls

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I have a bsdi 1.1 box with virtual wu-ftpd compiled and running.  
Everything runs perfect except that when you logon with a non rfc822
anonymous password, you can't issue the ls command.

If I log on to with the user id anonymous pass

If i ftp to with the user id anonymous and the pass

421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection

Anyone have any idea why this happens, and how to solve it? This is
fairly urgent.

guest and real users have no problems.


BTW, please try and respond via email.


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I'm running Slackware 3.0 on a 1.2.13 kernel.  I've had wu-ftpd
working just fine with earlier Slackware versions (non-Elf), but
with Slackware 3.0 I see the following:

"ls" in a.out format as anonymous works fine.
"ls" in ELF format as anonymous fails - nothing comes out.
"ls" in a.out format as a non-anonymous user works fine.
"ls" in ELF format as a non-anonymous user works fine.

So this tells me (I think) that there is some sort of permissions
problem for some library when "ls" is invoked under
the anonymous FTP user. I can see no library with non-world
readable permissions.  So can anyone tell me:

(1) Anyone know what needs to be changed for this to work?

(2) What is the COMPLETE list of programs that get called
when you invoke the command "ls"

(3) How can I figure out the answer to (2) ?

Thanks in advance.

CANS Webmeister: 

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