Post by Kevin L McNi » Wed, 15 May 1991 03:47:39


 I have a problem that I hope someone out there can help me with,

 I am trying to capture thru a serial port a block of 1024 characters
 sent from another computer, the other computer does no handshaking of
any kind, it Sends 1024 char. and waits for an 0x006 (ack) then it sends 1024
 more characters.

 The system I am using is pretty much a standard system 5 r3v6
 currently: tying to use the \dev\tty thru open  with read & write
 set termio.c_lflag to 0
 then read (input,buffer location,1024-number already read)

 Problem: This works sometimes for 1 or 2 blocks of 1024 better if pri.
 is raised maybe 3 or 4  blocks. We seem to be droping a character
 along the way.

 When we do the read the driver usally only has 4 characters available on
 average, so we aren't falling behind the buffer size of 256 for the driver.

 Is there a better way to read from a seriel port ?
   any sugestions would be greatly appreciated !

        Kevin McNitt or Curtis Regentin

        Mass Spec Facility
        Michigan State University
        rm 11 Biochemistry
        East Lansing, Mi 48824


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