P.S to About Shell Scripts

P.S to About Shell Scripts

Post by Laurion Burcha » Thu, 05 Mar 1992 06:43:48

I don't think I can FTP expect or anything (Brown has allowed me a measly 800k of
disk space which I am filling fast)
(Sorry to post twice)

1. handling SIGINT in shell scripts when executing another shell script.

I have a simple shell script foo1.sh that invokes another shell script
foo2.sh, something like below:

  echo "## [$DATE_TIME]  User interrupt ignored,"
trap SIGINT_handler 2


while executing foo1.sh, if the script receives SIGINT, how do I ignore
the SIGINT in foo2.sh ? somehow foo2.sh does not finish to completion
and is killed after receiving SIGINT. but foo1.sh is still executing.
Is there any way to trap this signal in the child script. ? Please
share your thots and inputs on this topic.
Vikram Shekhar

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