Problems installing xrn on SGI indigo2

Problems installing xrn on SGI indigo2

Post by Satu » Tue, 03 Aug 1993 18:15:39

        I have problems installing xrn on SGI indigo2.  There were a
few warning reported during compilation but everthing compiled fine.
Since I am not Super User, I didnt run make install.  I was able to
run xrn in the directory I had compiled it.  xrn started but it did
not have the scroll bar, and also all the menus had the characters
 "ng" before them.   For instance, "Quit" was "ngQuit" and so on for
all menus.  Has anybogy compiled xrn successfully on SGI!!  Can
somebody help me with this problem.  Thanks in advance.  Please email.

Sudhakaran Ram


Problems installing xrn on SGI indigo2

Post by T.Hoellri » Thu, 05 Aug 1993 04:53:48

Hi Sudhakaran Ram!

You have to fix your mail-address. Replying to you by mail bounced!

550 (TCP)... 550 Host unknown

Hi Sudhakaran!

The Application Defaults for xrn are missing. Two ways to solve this problem:
1.) In the xrn-source-Directory you will find a file called "" (or similar).
    Copy all the contents of this file to your ~/.Xdefaults file.


2.) Go to the xrn-Source-Directory and type the following: ./xrn

Hope this helps



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