Need YOUR help: DOS-PC as an UNIX Terminal

Need YOUR help: DOS-PC as an UNIX Terminal

Post by Klaus ter Fe » Wed, 10 Nov 1993 06:51:08

Dear Netters,

one year ago, I've collected all DOS based terminal emulation programs
available on my neighbourhood BBS systems to check out which of them is
reliable and fast enough to use a IBM-XT as a serial connected
UNIX-terminal. I posted the result of my testings to various german
newsgroups. I was amazed how much people responded to that posting and
decided for myself to run a more detailed test again. During the
last year I saw many questions about terminal emulation programs in the
international newsgrous. So this time I'll summarize in english for a
wider community (although my english isn't the best, as you may have
recognized by now).

Well, 'I gotta plan', here it is:

In the first step, I need your help: I will collect all the terminal
programs to be tested. I will spend a lot of time to make this tests,
but I WILL SPEND NO MONEY! So the terminal programs to be tested will be
either free, shareware or public domain products. So only if a
company/programmer decides to send me a charge-free evaluation copy of
their product, I will test it, too. What I want YOU to do for me is to
send me a mail, which answeres one or more following questions:

- Do you have made any good experiences with a certain product ?
- Do you have made any bad experiences with a certain product ?
- What is the name, release level of those products ?
- Where can someone obtain it ?
- What is the price (if any) for this product ?
- what features do You consider to be important (Terminal emulations,
  file transfer protocols, hardcopy-option, ...)
- Do you know about any similar test run in the last two years ?
  - From where can I obtain the results?

I will test any program that is considered to be 'usable' or better.
Please don't tell me anything about programs usable on Amiga or Atari
systems - I don't have the resources to test them - maybe annother
person on the net will run such a test. Only Programs runnable on DOS-
machines will be tested. Later on I'll maybe run a test with programs
connected via TCP/IP to the UNIX box.

In the second step I'll try to obtain all thos products. Maybe some people
will receive a mail to send me their favorite program via uuencoded
mail, if I can't find it anywhere and it isn't too big.

Then in the third step I will run the tests. The programs will be tested
on a 1984 IBM XT 8086/8088 with monocrome display as well as on a 486/50
with VGA console. They will connect to SCO-UNIX, Coherent, Linux and
Esix Systems. I will test the reliability and speed of the programs,
their terminal emulations, file transfer protocols and the features
YOU tell me to be important.

Then in the final step I will summarize the test-results and the netters
experiences and post them to the appropiate newsgroups. I'll think this
will be in January 1994.

So step one is to get your experiences and suggestions. Please help me -
the more you help, the better it will be.

Ah - one last note: If you send me a mail, and you don't want to be
mentioned either by name or email adress, please state so in your mail.

Please do NOT follow-up. Only E-Mails will be answered!

German only: Wer sowieso deutsch spricht, braucht sich natuerlich keinen
             abzubrechen, sondern schickt mir direkt eine Mail in deutsch.
London *            * Berlin           Klaus ter Fehn        
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   Paris *                             FRG / Germany       Tel.: +49-211-676331


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