problemm with dhcp [ with isp ]

problemm with dhcp [ with isp ]

Post by Pawel Wieczore » Tue, 01 Jul 2003 21:05:40

btw: my english is not good ;]

I am FreeBSD user and i have problemm with my dhclient [ realy with isp ]
I have cable modem, realtek ethernet card... FreeBSD4...
My isp uses Windows2000Server... and all UNIX-like system in my city [
Gizycko - Poland ] have problem with dhcp... dhcp server don't send
DHCPOFFER to clients... All windows system don't have this problem ;].

I am 15 old... If I talking with my ISP, her say to me "Your system is bad
your dhcp client is bad, i don't know your system, your problemm"
( gooood administrators, they don't know what is unix.... )
( ehe... all unixes is bad systems with bad dhcp clients ... hehe ]

How to configure isc dhclient to compatible with windows dhclient ?
btw: my administrators is very very very stupid !!!
        My city is small... My ISP don't have concurrents. ;[[

thx ;]


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