POSIX library for Interactive UNIX 2.2

POSIX library for Interactive UNIX 2.2

Post by Howard Wei » Sun, 19 May 1991 03:07:56

I've recently upgraded from Interactive 386/ix 2.0 to Interactive UNIX 2.2.
This is supposed to be POSIX compliant system and it seems that most of
the right .h files are in almost the right places - the only one I can't
find is termios.h - but there is termio.h.  The one major piece that seems
to be missing is the POSIX library (libcposix.a or libposix.a).  When
we upgraded, we did not buy the new compiler - is this how the libraries
are distributed?  If so, anyone have a POSIX library available for Sys V
- source preferable?


Howard Weiss

9861 Broken Land Parkway, suite 355
Columbia, MD 21046
phone: 301-381-9400


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