Mt. Xinu vs Ultrix

Mt. Xinu vs Ultrix

Post by Ross Park » Wed, 02 May 1990 04:45:00

        Can anyone out there let me in on the relative merits of Mt. Xinu
4.3 unix with NFS versus Ultrix?

        We are currently running Ultrix 1.2 (and waiting for 2.0). I am
interested in finding out the differences between the two (other than the
fact that Ultrix is a 4.2 clone versus Mt. Xinu's 4.3), and whether Mt. Xinu
offers support (or if anyone other than DEC does) for:

        - DECserver 200's (DEC's ethernet terminal servers)
        - DECnet  (we need to communicate with the VMS world also... argh!)

        The machines are Microvax II's (8 or 10 of them... I lose count! :-),
some running Ultrix, some VMS.

        One problem with Ultrix is that we currently don't have source, and
it is horrendously expensive (around $22,000 CDN - on top of the AT&T licence).
I would imagine that Mt. Xinu is cheaper. It would be *really* nice to have
source, but 22 grand is a bit much.

        If anyone has any comments/opinions about either Mt. Xinu or Ultrix,
drop me a line via email. I will summarize the responses I get to the net,
in case anyone else is interested.

        Thanks all,

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1. Mt. Xinu vs. ULTRIX

We are trying to decide whether to purchase Mt. Xinu 4.3 BSD+NFS or DEC's
ULTRIX, so I am looking for comments about these products, good or bad.
Also, if you've used both products, I'd be very interested in comparisons.
We are especially interested in knowing what kind of support we can expect
from Mt. Xinu or DEC.  Please respond by mail.  Thanks in advance.

        Dave Marquardt
        Rosemount, Inc.


Rosemount, Inc.                 Old mail: {cbosgd,ihnp4,uiucdcs}!rosevax!dave
12001 Technology Drive          Telephone: 612/828-3057
Eden Prairie, MN   55344

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